12.04.2017 Support from South Africa for TIM consolidated

During the visit of the Bavarian delegation of Minister of Economics Ilse Aigner to South Africa a small satellite symposium was held at CPUT in Capetown. It focussed on the joint “Telematics International Mission (TIM)” addressing a pico-satellite formation for Earth observation with applications in agriculture, in volcano and in marine monitoring.

In Pic: Prof. Herman Steyn (Stellenbosch University) explains to Minister Ilse Aigner and Prof. Klaus Schilling the South African pico-satellites.


On 12.4.1958 Jury Gagarin was lauched as first human into space and so 12th April was declared as official day of manned space flight. In this context Bayerischer Rundfunk also broadcasted 2 interviews (in German) about our unmanned satellites – BR-1 BR-2